Global Entertainment and Management Services

Through our years of experience, our team has found that many services that we offer to our distribution clients can be used by other labels, management teams, and businesses in other industries, and we have been sought out to provide these services to some select clients.

We are excited to announce that We have now expanded our business to provide these services to small business owners, artist managers and promoters, labels, and independent artists.  We know the challenges of marketing and promoting of projects and brands and would love to provide these services to you.

These new services that we provide to the public include: CD Duplication, Radio Song Placement, Radio/Facebook/Google Advertisement placement, Concierge and Tour Travel Booking, Concert and Sports Tickets, Travel Agent Training, Text Message Blasts, Local Search Engine Optimization, mobile optimized websites, mobile apps, mobile coupons, and mobile passes.

For more information on these services, please follow their respective links.