CEO and founder of Blood of Christ Records, Joszef Scott better known by his Christian rap name Scripture. He has been doing music for nearly twenty years. Joszef Scott among being a child of God he also is a preacher, husband, father of four children, recording artist, and a biblical theology’s. He has been all over this great country and most of the world. By him preaching the Word of God, he helps many people find the answers to questions that many seek out. Joszef Scott has been a born again Christian for more than seven years, and within that time he has accomplish more for the kingdom of God than some can imagine. He came from the streets; and now he has gone back to the streets with love and compassion. To all people that he comes across he truly shows the love of God; not only in his music but also in his day-to-day life.             


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Jus B

Born in 1979 in Patterson New Jersey, Jus B left at the age of 10 to live in Atlanta, Georgia, where he has lived ever since. Jus B has always had a fervent interest in poetry as a way to help him get through some of the hardest of times.


Jus B has managed to release a number of local mixtapes to distribute amongst friends and family, before dropping ‘Da Features’ that was hosted by DJ Smallz. After a 9 month hiatus away from his friends and family, Jus B has found the motivation to become a musical success. Working off the buss that “Da Features” created, Jus B is now residing in California looking to forge a different sound into the bay area. He has performed in local nights spots such as Fat Cats in Modesto, where he had that opportunity to open for Talib Kweli. Working with local producer Drew James in Modesto, Jus B has come across some of Northern California’s best underground talent to include colt 45 and Squalid and looks to be mentioned in the same conversation.


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In the summer of 1995 in Atlanta, GA, 6`4 hit the music scene with a distribution deal from 4Tre` Music Group/Ichiban Records.  The hit single to his credit was titled "Roll Them Hips," which was a combination of R&B on a bass dance track.  Ichiban Records then was a record label based in Atlanta, GA that had other popular artists of the time such as Kilo Ali and MC Breed on their roster.  Ichiban closed their doors of business and their catalog is now controlled by EMI who never released anything from the catalog after the closure of Ichiban.  6`4 then moved on in the entertainment industry and did some acting in musical plays similar Tyler Perry’s.  He landed a speaking role in Writer and Executive Producer Comedian Steve Turner’s low-budget comedy movie, "My Crackhead Uncle" as a neighborhood gangster.  The movie is available on DVD.  6`4 also sang in a group called "Kollage," who have a few songs on the movie soundtrack.  6’4 currently has R&B singles entitled "Bring It Back" and "Type of Girl" released from his upcoming album “The Resurrection of Soul” that are available on all digital music retail sites through Artist In Need (AIN) Music & Distribution.  6`4 has performed in many cities including Houma, LA, Brookhaven, MS, Quincy, FL, Tallahassee, FL, and Jacksonville, FL.  He is a native of Atlanta, Georgia but presently live In Quincy, Florida.  Be on the lookout for more smooth and sexy R&B tracks from this Crooner.