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Ms. T3xas

Step into the captivating world of Mst3xas, a force to be reckoned with in the realm of music. Born LatonyaShere Odogwu on a radiant February day in 1985, her roots run deep in the Henderson TX projects. This extraordinary rapper possesses a unique blend of Nigerian and American heritage, infusing her art with an electric mix of cultural influences.

From the very beginning, Mst3xas's life was shaped by resilience and love. Raised by her single mother, Cleo Isabell, and guided by the indomitable Mrs. Nina Mae Isabell, she navigated the challenges of the projects. However, destiny had its own plans, and her mother's pursuit of education led Mst3xas to be transplanted to Denton TX. But life took an unexpected turn when her beloved grandmother, Nina Mae, discovered she was battling breast cancer. Mst3xas made a selfless decision, dedicating her entire eighth-grade year to supporting her grandmother, excelling in her studies, sprinting on the track, and harmonizing in the choir.

As fate would have it, her freshman year brought a fresh start as Mst3xas and her brothers joined their mother in Lewisville TX. It was here that she encountered Fred Alexander, a luminary from "The Lakeside Band," who left an indelible mark on her artistic journey. The band's global escapades, gracing stages around the world, awakened Mst3xas's conviction that she was destined to make music. In the eighth grade, she even triumphed in opera competitions, clutching her hard-earned medals as a testament to her extraordinary talent.

Fueling her passion, Mst3xas formed various music groups with fleeting alliances, including an exhilarating stint leading a stomp group during high school while blazing a trail in track and field. Serendipity united her with Brian, an angelic singer, and her cousin Isaac, a masterful beatmaker. With her mother and stepfather deeply entrenched in the nightlife scene and affiliated with a record label, Mst3xas found herself organizing concerts for renowned Texas artists like those from "Swisher House." Her journey continued after high school, as she ventured into the halls of Full Sail University and ultimately found her way to Atlanta, working tirelessly for Big Cat Records, propelling artists like Gucci Mane, Black Magik, and Freekey from DipSet to the forefront of the music industry.

Yet, amidst her remarkable success, Mst3xas's heart remains firmly dedicated to giving back to the community. With an unyielding spirit and no external assistance, she embarks on endeavors to feed the homeless, pouring her resources into numerous women's shelters during the holiday season. Beyond her philanthropic endeavors, Mst3xas emerges as a distinguished label A&R, lending her unparalleled expertise to Ain/Blue Pie Distribution. The unforgettable parties she orchestrates echo through the airwaves of renowned radio stations like 94.5, 107.9, and Vl03 with Ten09Ent, leaving audiences in awe. And let us not forget the awe-inspiring tours and the mesmerizing ghostwriting she has expertly crafted, a testament to her versatility and genius.

Now, the time has come for Mst3xas to return to her first love, to the very core of her being—music. Embrace the journey as she unveils her soul, infusing every lyric and every melody with the raw passion that has coursed through her veins since birth. Brace yourself, for Mst3xas is here to claim her rightful place among the music industry's brightest stars, ready to etch her name into the annals of musical history.

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